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Drag & drop creation of process automation applications

Expertise automation and document automation challenges and opportunities most often arise in the context of a business process. Completing a task, delivering an outcome, executing a transaction—these all typically involve more than one step performed by more than one person over a span of time, and all require tracking and management.

Neota Logic process automation provides flexible tools with which very complex processes can be designed, delivered, and administered. One or more Neota Logic applications—each of which can use the full power of Neota Logic user interface development, reasoning, and integration—are built to define and implement the steps in the process.


Process Automation


With Neota Logic’s flexible integration capabilities, process applications can be launched within, use data from, and save data and documents back to business systems such as Salesforce, SharePoint, HighQ, iManage, and NetDocuments.

Documents can be e-signed with DocuSign or any major e-signature platform.

Data Analytics

Complex and adaptable

With the power of the Neota Logic reasoning engine and the flexibility of Neota Logic integrations, processes can be as complex and adaptable as needed. For example, a corporate procurement contract system could:

  • Draw data about the counterparty from SAP and an external credit service.
  • Use an embedded Excel spreadsheet to calculate pricing.
  • Apply business rules to select standard provisions determined by business unit, counterparty country of origin and credit risk, and product type.
  • Use weighted factor analysis to evaluate transaction risks based on product type, source country, counterparty type, and duration.
  • Route high-risk transactions to the compliance team, route medium-risk transactions to a senior person in the business unit, and release low-risk transactions for immediate signature via DocuSign.
  • Enable the counterparty to revise the product description and delivery dates but not the indemnification provision.
  • Route the counterparty’s changes to the initiating user or, if the delivery dates are extended more than one year, to a senior business person, who can re-route to corporate legal as needed.
Process Automation