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Organizations are faced with many chaotic, inefficient and manual processes that are left unmanaged and become costly to the business.

Neota Logic’s Workflow product allows a user to manage tasks and complex processes that span teams, parties and time periods.  Using a standards-based approach aligned to the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) framework, Workflow allows multiple processes to be linked together to create an end-to-end solution to solve your business problems.



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Playbook automation – Digitise playbooks by leveraging existing legal precedents

Conditional logic – Allows you to manage task control.  Do task A if X, otherwise do task B; send the uncompleted task to that user (or group of users) when Y is true; go to task C when tasks A and B are complete.

Multi-party interaction – Support review and approval steps across parties and business units

Actions – Allow you to start a process, cancel a step in the process or remind a user to execute a particular action that is assigned to them.

Audit history – Enables data elements to be automatically updated as the process runs.

Case manager – Users and managers have an automatically configured grid view of the “instances” of every process from which they can execute and manage the work to be done

Data Analytics


Simplify and streamline your legal and business processes

Increase accuracy
Increase accuracy

Standardised processes and workflows are accurate and consistent, every time

Increase efficiencies
Increase efficiencies

Streamline inefficient manual processes

Delight your customers
Delight your customers

Improve the service you provide to your customers and/or business