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Perfect NDAs in record time. Every time.

Businesses are under pressure to execute NDAs in a timely manner to cement relationships with customers, partners and prospects. It’s not uncommon for the NDA negotiation process to suffer from unnecessary delays, be left incomplete and even lost.

Achieve perfect NDAs in record time, every time, with Neota.

PerfectNDA applies the power of Neota’s award-winning AI automation platform to your company’s current NDA templates and process creating a streamlined NDA process.

Unlike traditional contract automation, you can go further with Neota’s no-code AI platform as it is the only tool that combines document automation, expertise automation and process automation all in one platform.

The average customer saves more than 1000 hours each year. What could you do with that time? It’s time to find out.


What makes PerfectNDA better?

PerfectNDA automates your internal NDA process—saving time at every step in the process and freeing your valuable legal department from repetitive, time-consuming NDA reviews.

Uses your own existing templates
Uses your own existing templates
AI-logic ensures correct template selection
AI-logic ensures correct template selection
Start-to-finish in 6 clicks
Start-to-finish in 6 clicks
Integrates electronic signatures
Integrates electronic signatures
Automates NDA document filing
Automates NDA document filing
"Only Neota Logic was able to provide the technology and development needed for us to provide the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that we needed"
David Simon
Foley & Lardner LLP, Partner

Time is money. PerfectNDA saves you both.

Intuitive and intelligent, PerfectNDA takes a cumbersome and often error prone process and makes it surprisingly simple with accuracy guaranteed.

1. Error-free from end to end

Never worry about choosing the right template again. Using the same process your best legal counsel does, Perfect NDA’s Artificial intelligence ensures the correct template is selected for every scenario.

2. Completed and filed in 6 clicks

Quickly get the NDA out of the way, so you can dive right into the business at hand. Answer a couple of simple questions—and up pops the correct NDA template, already prefilled and ready to go. Perfect NDA emails the signing party. You get a signed copy back. It’s that simple.

3. Your company, your NDA templates

You’ve created your NDAs to meet the needs of your specific enterprise—and Perfect NDA makes it easy to use them exactly as you’ve designed them.

4. Simple routing. Smart filing.

Never again will you have to inquire about the status of an NDA or waste time looking for an agreement. The PerfectNDA dashboard gives you instant insight into the status of every NDA.

5. Save time with e-signatures

Optional integrated secure electronic signatures allow for a completely electronic process from initial creation through filing. This saves significant time and eliminates the mishandling and misplacing that frequently causes delays.

6. Real ROI

By saving time you will be saving money and other valuable resources. With PerfectNDA, our customers tell us that they save an average of 2 hours on each NDA they send out. How many NDAs do you produce in a year?

Contact us to find out how much your company can save on annual NDA costs.

7. Get Back Control

By issuing the NDA from your company, you control the process. No need pull in your legal department to review another company’s document. Get to doing business rather than facing delays waiting.

8. Take it to go

No matter where you go, your PerfectNDA app goes with you. Easily execute an NDA using your smartphone or tablet. You can sign in to PerfectNDA from anywhere with Internet access.