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What could you build?

Through Neota’s leading no-code platform, we provide professionals with tools to rapidly build digital solutions that automate any aspect of their service, without writing a single line of code.

That doesn’t mean you always have to start from scratch. Neota has a number of pre-configured Building Blocks to help you on your way. These Building Blocks can be configured quickly to match a department’s specific requirements to enable you to create custom applications combining workflow, expertise and document automation.

These are just some ideas for what you could build in Neota’s no-code platform, some of which are Use Case templates where you just have to personalize to your needs.

Client Matter Onboarding

Streamline the matter onboarding process in law firms

RFP Management

Neota Logic’s RFP Management Use Case automates the complete end-to-end process of RFP generation, vendor submission, automated weighted score assignment, review and analysis.

Internal Purchasing Management

Spend less time on paperwork and manual approval routing by automating the internal approval workflow and Purchase Order generation of all internal purchase activities with Neota's purchasing management solution

GDPR Data Transfer

Create agreements for all your data transfers, and have them e-signed to ensure an efficient process.

Guidelines Advisor

With Neota Logic’s Guidelines Advisor solution, we empower legal departments to provide key information to their users in a few clicks by allowing them to enter in the key details of their request and see the appropriate guidelines.

Master Service Agreements

Neota’s MSA solution enables a legal department to create, negotiate, and execute a Master Services Agreement all online, in a seamless end-to-end process.

NDA Automation

Neota's NDA automation system applies the power of Neota’s leading no-code platform to your company’s current NDA templates and processes creating a streamlined NDA process.

"Being able to speed up this process by giving specific, tailored advice is paramount. Not only does it free up our lawyers but also enables our clients to be served answers immediately, at any time."
Emma Dwyer
Capital Markets partner at Allen & Overy
"Neota Logic's expert system platform enables anytime, anywhere precision"
Scott Rechtschaffen
Chief Knowledge Officer - Littler Mendelson P.C
"Overlooking risks around employee travel can have a detrimental effect. That’s why we designed this application to address these risks before the traveller even gets on the plane."
Tony O’Reilly
Director, Technology and Innovation at KPMG Australia
"The Neota Logic platform is an important tool in this effort, enabling us to quickly build applications to make important information far more accessible to our clients

The platform also enables us to easily update the application as and when the government releases new guidance, meaning that our clients can have confidence that what they are hearing from us is accurate and complete."
Susanna Kipping
"The Neota platform has enabled us to build our industrial ergonomic application much faster than utilising our existing code additionally, we have been able to utilize our existing non-technical workforce to build out the applications"
Andy Hawkes
Cardinus Risk Management
" Neota Logic is an example of how combining our expertise with intelligent automation software can add significant value."
Paul Greenwood
Chief Information Officer Clifford Chance
"We’ve plans to use the Neota Logic technology to service both internal users and for external collaboration with our clients. This will result in apps that we use for assessments and intakes or to automate contract generation. Currently, Boels Zanders has been enthusiastically running internal workshops to design complex decisions trees"
Jos Meuwissen
Boels Zanders

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