The value of no-code over traditional software development

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The value of no-code over traditional software development
Andrew Goh
Account Executive APAC
The value of no-code over traditional software development

Having seen Neota’s value first hand, especially during the consultative onboarding of new clients, it’s clear why companies switch from traditional to no-code development. Many of our clients have used Neota for over ten years and find that no-code (or citizen development) has use cases across their organization – in legal teams, compliance, procurement, HR, and much more. 


One benefit of no-code platforms, like Neota, is a visual interface that subject matter experts can use to create prototypes. This type of prototyping has emerged as a faster, more efficient, and cheaper alternative to traditional software development life cycle (SDLC) processes. Without needing help from IT, teams can quickly iterate and pivot as they gather feedback from stakeholders and customers. 


In addition, no-code platforms allow for quicker and more efficient testing methods. When business units are able to identify potential issues early on, it reduces the risk of costly and time-consuming rework down the line. With Neota’s tools, even if a specific workflow or rule needs to be tweaked, a subject matter expert can make those changes themselves without relying on a developer to do it for them.


Neota’s tool suite goes further than most no-code vendors, allowing non-technical professionals to create powerful, fully integrated digital solutions, resulting in shorter development times, lower costs, and a supercharged innovation roadmap. Neota’s BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) aligned workflow tool is a great example. Mapping out the workflow immediately results in a working, executable digital solution. 


Neota also provides pre-built templates and UI elements, which reduces the resources needed to go from prototype to a deployed app. 


Simply put, Neota empowers you to design, build, test, and deploy digital solutions with lower costs and greater flexibility, in less time than traditional SDLC processes. 


Do you manage a complex FOI process with multiple stakeholders? Are you spending too much time answering the same questions from different people? Do you have to update multiple sources and stakeholders every time there’s a small legislative change? 


When compared to various alternative ‘point’ solutions, Neota gives you true customizability to ensure that your technology suits all of these needs and more. As many solutions as you want, under one subscription cost. 


Get in touch if you’re interested in viewing the Neota platform live.


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