Neota Network 2021: Tech-Driven, but Not Artificial – Automated Counselling for Victims of Abuse

Neota Network Global – 1-to-1 Citizen Support – New Ways that States are Providing Tailored Guidance on Rights and Remedies
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Neota Network 2021: Tech-Driven, but Not Artificial – Automated Counselling for Victims of Abuse

Join us to see examples of how counselling experts are leveraging their skills to create tech-driven solutions that provide smart, empathic guidance to victims of sex abuse, domestic violence, forced labor, and other crimes. Because abuse victims are often reluctant or unable to confer with a live expert, anonymously using an expert-created solution can be appealing or even preferable for victims, at least for their initial attempt to get help. These new solutions typically provide tailored information and steer the victim to appropriate resources – and some produce tailored documentation for the victim, such as a completed application for additional services. In sum, you’ll see new solutions that meet the urgent need for affirmation, insights, and services for people who feel they have nowhere else to turn. This session was delivered by Kevin Mulcahy and Jonathan Jochem of Neota Logic.

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