Paul Weiss

Securities filing portal and expertise locator

Client portal-based automated capital markets expertise tool ahead of potential IPOs.

A growth equity client of Paul Weiss intending to take more of their clients public in the following months realised that their in-house legal team did not have the resources and depth of expertise to ensure compliance with securities regulations related to seeking IPOs. They wanted to standardise and centralise their processes to better track their filings and obligations, as well as gain quick access to advice.

Paul Weiss created a client portal leveraging HighQ and Neota to provide an integrated, comprehensive client-portal solution to assist.

They were able to scale the expertise of their capital markets lawyers and provide it on an automated basis through this portal. The end-user is guided through a dynamic questionnaire which uses logic to understand the specifics of a potential IPO or anticipated transaction, and then provides practical guidance on the relevant securities law obligations.


  • Scaling expertise
  • Automated advice portal
  • Dynamic and responsive to specific circumstances
  • Integrated with HighQ
  • Client-facing portal allowing on-demand access to expertise