Intelligent Workflows make experts and administrators more productive

These apps streamline legal and business operations by automating processes in a way that’s convenient for users and productive for experts and administrators.  Each session (1) intelligently engages the user, (2) gathers relevant facts, and (3) applies reasoning to rapidly complete an error-free workflow session.

Example Applications:

Screening & Referring

  • Florida Legal and Referral System: We may be able to help you
  • Tennessee Mortgage Foreclosure Help: Struggling with mortgage? Run this app for help.


  • New Client Onboarding App: Fast and efficient account set-up
  • University Gifts Assistant: Determine and begin handling procedures for the major gift

Fact Finding & Issue Spotting

  • Legal Consultation Preparation Tool: Get ready to meet with your lawyer
  • New Prospect Fact Finder: Step-by-step guide to gathering the facts we need

Form Completing

  • BC Family Law Court Form Assistant: Help completing court forms accurately and quickly
  • Consumer Debt Defense Assistant: Quickly prepare the legal “Answer Form” in your debt case


  • Helpline Guidance System: Interview Guide for Call Center Volunteers
  • Courthouse Navigator: Immediate help locating what you need in Family Court

Reporting Facilitation

  • Incident Reporting System: If you see something, say something … now
  • Harassment Reporting System: Report it and help stop it

Common Features

Each Intelligent Workflow application:

  • Is built and updated rapidly without coding
  • Intelligently guides user through an important process
  • Efficiently gathers information needed for process
  • Reaches conclusions helpful to user and experts
  • Enables experts to serve more people, more effectively
  • Generates tailored documents in an instant
  • Updates databases as needed immediately
  • Serves as a worflow tool for legal

One of Three Types of Neota Logic Solutions

"I have started on the training videos and they have been put together very well and are addictive. "
Applied Legal Technology Manager
Global Law Firm
"This is the future of the delivery of legal services"
Martin Tully
Co-Chair, Akerman LLP
"I was blown away by the quality of your training videos. I particularly enjoyed the way you were able to breakdown the system in pieces, while maintaining a flow that made sense and constantly built upon previous lessons. "
Senior Technical Analyst
Global Software Company
"Only Neota Logic was able to provide the technology and development needed for us to provide the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that we needed"
David Simon
Foley & Lardner LLP, Partner
"Love the instructional videos! They're really great to follow."
Law Student
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