The fastest way to create, route, and execute documents

Neota Logic Intelligent Document Automation rapidly and precisely crafts your documents — and can route the documents to the appropriate parties for immediate e-signing.

Any type of document can be automated, including:

  • Contracts
  • Legal Briefs
  • Compliance Documents
  • Project Paperwork
  • Employee Handbook
  • Compliance Guidebook
  • Memos
  • Letters
  • Email Text

Your team can:

  • Rapidly tailor documents by answering simple questions
  • Easily route tailored documents for review and/or e-signing
  • Track the execution of documents via an at-a-glance on a dashboard
  • Reduce 2-week processes to 2 days or less

Built on Neota Logic’s powerful rules-based reasoning engine, our Intelligent Document Automation is trusted by leading companies and law firms to automate expert guidance and workflows. It’s also powered by DocuSign®, the world’s leading technology for e-signatures.

The system comes ready to go. You simply prepare template documents in MS Word and specify the changeable text for each (no Word plug-in required). And then create the questions that enable your team members to define the content for the changeable text – and specify any parties to be asked to e-sign the document through an automated workflow. It’s intelligent document automation, made fast and easy. To learn more, watch this brief video (3:39):

Handle the most advance automated document creation challenges

For advanced document automation needs, you can leverage the full power of the Neota Logic AI software development platform and Neota Logic’s Word plug-in to build advanced document automation systems. Neota Logic’s AI capabilities enable your applications to define the content of the document using the advanced thinking of a subject-matter expert, — and then produce a beautifully formatted at any level of complexity. Examples of Intelligent Document Automation systems built with Neota Logic include these:

Legal Documents

  • NDA Creation and Signing System: Quickly create, route, and execute your NDA with e-signing
  • Pre-Merger Notification Generator: Draft the notifications required for the merger or acquisition
  • Employment Application Generator: Quickly generate a state-compliant employment application


  • Employee Handbook Generator: Generate your customized version now
  • Employee Separation Guidebook: Generate a customized guidebook for this separation
  • Database Security Plan Generator: Generate the security plan for the database you manage


  • Offer Letter Writer: Instantly produce a compliant customized offer letter
  • Customer Service Letter Generator: Quickly draft the right response now

Common Features

Each Intelligent Document Automation application:

  • Is built rapidly and easily maintained
  • Expertly generates a precisely crafted document in minutes
  • Applies expert’s best thinking every time
  • Available on-demand, 24/7
  • Never tires or work inconsistently
  • Updates databases as needed immediately

One of Three Types of Neota Logic Solutions

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