Replicate the thinking and actions of experts

Expert Advisors created with Neota Logic work on-demand, and are “provide-the-answer” apps that engage and guide users 1-to-1, 24/7. These apps automate expert consultations on questions of law, compliance, and other areas that require a high-quality analysis.The apps deliver authoritative, accurate advice — and can be highly tailored to each use case.

Common Types:

  • Quick-Answer Provider: Is X permissible? Is X advisable? How should we respond to X?
  • Best-Option Finder: Which X is best? Which X’s are appropriate?
  • Compliance Advisor: Are the requirements of X met? How can we meet the requirements of X?
  • Risk Detector: What’s the risk of X? What red flags exist for X? What’s X’s risk score? And what should we do?
  • Pro/Con Evaluator: What are the pros and cons of X? Based on this, what should we do?
  • Build your own expert advisors

Example Applications:

Financial Regulation

  • Collateral Directive Advisor: Does the EU Collateral Directive apply in this transaction?
  • NFA Bylaw Advisor: Must the counterparty be registered with the National Futures Association?
  • Banking Sales Restruction Advisor: Is the proposed sales initiative permissible?

Trade Regulation

  • FCPA Curbside Counsellor: Will the proposed activity violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?
  • Export Control Guide: Does the sale require review by the Export Compliance Group?
  • Shipping Security Advisor: How do we handle the package submitted by or for a “denied person”?

Data Security

  • Cross-Border Data Transfer Advisor: Are we permitted to transfer the requested data?
  • Data Breach Response Advisor: How should we respond to the suspected breach?
  • Mobile Device Security Advisor: Create a risk-reduction plan for employee use of personal devices


  • Work Visa Guide: Which types of visas might the foreign candidate qualify for?
  • Asylum Qualification Advisor: Can the client qualify for asylum in the US?
  • DACA Revocation Advisor: I was relying on DACA. Now what do I do?

Multi-Jurisdiction Compliance

  • Clery Compliance Toolset: Online tools for full compliance and a safer campus
  • Alcoholic Regulations Sales Advisor: What are the regulations and issues for the new store?
  • Worker Status Set: Is the worker an employee or a contractor?

Subjective Assessments

  • Case Evaluation Advisor: What are key issues and flags in this case?
  • Litigation Case Evaluator: What’s our potential exposure in this case?
  • Administrative Hearing Coach: What do we need to prove? And how can we strengthen our case?

And many more.

Methods for Any Reasoning Task

The Neota Logic platform provides multiple reasoning tools that work together to address diverse reasoning challenges. The core architecture of Neota Logic technology enables a hybrid reasoning approach, which allows authors to (1) select the right reasoning tool for a particular reasoning task and (2) combine the reasoning methods to efficiently to address complex problems. Neota Logic reasoning methods include:

  • Rules: If/then mappings, decision trees, or decision tables — along with situation sets, which are reusable combinations of variables and values
  • Math: Neota Logic formulas and incorporated Excel spreadsheets
  • Subjective Scoring: A method to represent judgments about factors that affect an outcome, as often found in legal materials
  • External Engines: External engines can be integrated via the Neota Logic Web Services Editor. Examples include: high-order mathematics via the Wolfram Cloud, text analytics via IBM Watson, and contract analytics via Kira Systems.

Common Features

Each Expert Advisor application:

  • Is built and updated rapidly without coding
  • Addresses a specific problem in a particular case
  • Uses expert reasoning to reach conclusions and craft tailored guidance and/or a document for user
  • Applies expert’s best thinking every time
  • Is available on-demand, 24/7
  • Never tires or works inconsistently
  • Creates and delivers documents in an instant
  • Updates databases as needed immediately

One of Three Types of Neota Logic Solutions

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