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Hong Kong Cyber Fraud Portal: Guiding the victims of cyber fraud

Guiding victims of fraud

The volume of cyber fraud attacks worldwide is greater than it has ever been and Hong Kong is one of the primary destinations for the proceeds of fraud to be transferred to. Allen & Overy wanted a solution to help victims with the initial steps after discovering a fraud to maximize the chances of recovery of the stolen funds.

In response, Allen & Overy’s Hong Kong litigation team has created the Hong Kong Cyber Fraud First Response Tool – a free, web-based tool that guides the victims of cyber fraud (or their representatives) through the immediate steps that they should take following the discovery of a fraud.

After answering a number of questions about the circumstances of the fraud, the users of the tool can download a set of populated documents ready to be sent to the authorities in Hong Kong, as well as the bank that holds the misappropriated funds, requesting that the account be frozen.

  • Streamline and digitize access to advice when individuals need it the most
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Ensure consistency of advice
  • Creating new business opportunities

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