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Australian Financial Services Licence Navigator: Easily establish what licence or relief you are eligible for

Australian Financial Services Licence Navigator

New regulations for foreign financial service providers operating in Australia apply from 31 March 2023. In order to provide financial services in Australia after that date, organizations must have the right licence to operate, or have been granted relief by the regulator.

The tool which Allen & Overy built in the Neota platform guides users through a dynamic questionnaire to establish their exact circumstances in order to provide tailored, comprehensive guidance on actionable next steps and what regulations apply to them.

The tool provides a report similar to one prepared by an Allen & Overy lawyer, with key takeaways and the ability to scale a matter to their lawyers if further guidance or assistance is required.


  • Dynamic questionnaire to establish exact circumstances
  • Easily digestible, actionable guidance
  • Understand your position, and what type of relief you may be eligible to apply for

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