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Serve your business clients in the most effective way

Often business users don’t know where to go to obtain the legal advice they need. Requests for legal services are often passed to the legal department from other parts of the business, with little ability to gather those requests in a consistent manner, and track the number of requests, where they came from, who they have been assigned to, and whether the requests have been dealt with. 

Neota’s Legal Service Request solution allows you to automate the end-to-end process of generating, triaging, tracking and reporting on legal service requests.

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What makes Neota's legal service solution better?

This solution enables the legal department to gain a more comprehensive view of their requests and the ability to serve their clients in the most effective way.

Increase Efficiencies
Increase Efficiencies

Quickly & easily engage with the business & outside counsel

Consistent Advice
Consistent Advice

Gather requests in a clear and consistent manner


Enhance responsiveness to business clients


Gain key insights with reporting functionality

"Only Neota Logic was able to provide the technology and development needed for us to provide the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that we needed"
David Simon
Foley & Lardner LLP, Partner

Legal Service Requests

Automate the end-to-end process of generating, triaging, tracking and reporting on legal service requests.

1. Central portal for all legal service requests

This solution takes a business user through the process of generating a request for legal services to assist with a particular issue relating to employment, contracts, disputes or other issues relevant to their business. It automatically generates notifications to keep business partners updated on the status

2. Automatic notifications

Depending on the type of request the solution gathers the relevant details in a structured manner so that when the requests are filed the details can be presented in a clear and consistent way to the legal team to evaluate.

The legal team are notified of the request and can triage to a legal team member, outside counsel or automatically send through self-help resources.

3. Reporting capabilities

Using Neota’s built in data management capabilities, reporting & dashboard views enable the legal department to track legal service requests by region, department, business unit or any other criteria.

4. Quick set up

Import directly to your Neota Logic site, through the Use Case Library. The workflow can easily be configured to your business needs

5. Simple, easy to use interface

Customizable themes are available