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Engaging in a legal matter where there is a conflict of interest can cause detrimental effects to your business. Employees need to be aware of company policies, as well as be able to easily identify where there may be a conflict of interest. Where one arises, subsequent measures need to be taken to ensure that the conflict is dealt with in the appropriate manner.

This application provides a system that enables lawyers to check whether or not there may be a conflict or potential conflict. If you have existing data, we can tap into your existing databases, and continue to use them, or migrate the data over to our platform. Use your conflict checker to let lawyers enter in the key details of their client and be immediately provided with an assessment as to whether a conflict exists. Add in logic to determine whether the conflict threshold has been met, to ensure that each conflict is being assessed in the same way.

General Counsel
Enhance objectivity
Enhance objectivity

This solution helps draw on a variety of parameters and benchmarks to provide a holistic assessment

Reduce inefficiencies
Reduce inefficiencies

Speed up your conflict of interest check process so you can get on with the work

Consistent advice
Consistent advice

Ensure the latest information is available whenever it is accessed

"Only Neota Logic was able to provide the technology and development needed for us to provide the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that we needed"
David Simon
Foley & Lardner LLP, Partner

Conflict of Interest Check

1. Input details

The solution invites the end-user to provide information about a new matter, or it can integrate with databases to pull this information

2. Quick logic

The solution quickly establishes whether there is a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest pertaining to a particular client or matter instantly

3. Bespoke thresholds

Easily add in bespoke thresholds to vary how the solution works for different departments and types of matters