Working with Law Schools

Working with Law Schools

Neota Logic collaborates with law schools to present courses in which students learn how to create software applications that “think like lawyers”—to conduct analysis, provide guidance, generate documents and facilitate interaction between clients and lawyers. As students gain hands-on experience building systems, they simultaneously learn traditional legal skills and how to serve the 21st-century needs of clients—all while promoting access to justice

Our current law school partners are Georgetown University, Melbourne University, University of New South Wales, University of Technology–Sydney, Thompson Rivers University, and Touro College.

In the course, students in small teams work with a not-for-profit organization as a client. They design and build real-world applications that help the organization fulfill its mission, some for internal use, others for use by the organization’s own clients. Examples:

  • Intake and assessment applications that perform triage and expedite service
    • Do you qualify for services from legal aid?
    • Are you behind on your mortgage?
  • Self-help applications for the public that provide preliminary guidance
    • Which type of legal entity is right for your new venture?
    • Do you qualify for paid time off?
  • Support applications for professionals that assist with case analysis
    • Does the client appear to be a victim of wage theft?
    • Does the client qualify for veterans health care or disability benefits?
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Students present their applications to a panel of judges, who evaluate the students’ work and award prizes based on the application’s usefulness, completeness, ambition, creativity, and user experience as well as on the students’ presentation.

Applications after the course ends

When applications developed by the students are adopted by the client organization, Neota Logic deploys them for production use under its not-for-profit hosting program. Examples of deployed systems:

Services Eligibility Advisor

Advises members of the public on eligibility for services from the Virginia Legal Aid Society, and automates part of the intake process for those eligible.


  • Reduction by 250 hours per year of lawyer time devoted to screening ineligible people, enabling reallocation of that time to serving eligible clients.
  • Immediate guidance to users, enabling them to seek help quickly from the right source.

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The Risk Detector

Guides homecare workers from JASA (Jewish Association for Services for the Aging) and the Center for Elder Law & Justice through a dynamic interview to help assess housing, debt, and financial exploitation issues in vulnerable client communities.


  • Prompt, effective identification of issues on which clients need assistance.
  • Improved efficiency and morale for homecare workers.

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Law school deans talking about the course

Georgetown University

Melbourne University

University of Technology – Sydney

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