Practical AI for Education & Not-For-Profit organizations

Practical AI for Education & Not-For-Profit organizations

Neota Logic works with an extensive global portfolio of law schools and not-for-profit legal services organizations.

We collaborate with law schools around a semester-long course in which students build applications with the Neota Logic System to serve not-for-profit organizations and their clients. We collaborate directly with such organizations to deploy applications to serve their clients.

In the United States, the vast majority of people who need a lawyer to assist with personal and family legal problems cannot afford, and do not have, a lawyer. Legal aid organizations, volunteer pro bono service by lawyers in private practice, and court-sponsored services cannot bridge this access to justice gap on their own. As the Legal Services Corporation, primary funder of legal aid in the United States, recognized when it began the Technology Initiative Grant program, technology can help.

For information about Neota Logic’s offering for law schools, please contact Kevin Mulcahy, Director of Education,

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Education Establishments

Neota Logic collaborates with law schools to present courses in which students learn how to create software applications that “think like lawyers”.


Not For Profits Organizations

Neota Logic collaborates directly with not for profit legal organizations to help them build intelligent applications to serve their clients

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