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Drag and drop

Neota is designed for people who are not programmers—lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other subject matter experts as well as business analysts, compliance specialists, practice support staff, legal assistants, legal operations staff, and other professionals.

Neota Logic authors (we call builders of applications “authors” because they need not be programmers) use the visual, drag-and-drop rapid application builder, Neota Studio, to define:

  • Questions to be asked.
  • Conclusions to be reached.
  • Reasoning to be followed.
  • Documents and other outputs to be generated.
  • Colors, fonts, images, and other elements of the user experience.
  • Databases and other external systems to be engaged.
Streamline contracting processes

Studio & declarative reasoning

Each element of a solution is created and maintained in its own visual editor within Studio. Much of the substantive work—defining questions, rules, and documents—can be done by subject matter experts themselves, in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Neota Logic combines declarative and procedural reasoning. Declarative reasoning—simultaneous backward and forward chaining—enables simple construction and maintenance of very complex logic—define variables, reasoning, and solution goals, then let the reasoning engine do the work of integrating reasoning elements and building the user flow. Procedural reasoning via question flows enables precise control of the user experience with logic-driven sequencing of questions and forms.

Simple tools for complex apps