Neota Logic applications can integrate with almost any data source or system

Neota Logic applications can integrate with almost any data source or system

Applications made with Neota Logic can integrate with almost any data source or system.

Neota Logic applications to automate expertise, workflows, and documents may both use data from and create data for other systems such as those designed to support human resources, content management and enterprise operations.  Data integration helps organizations achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency, and quality.

Neota Logic integration options include:

  • Relational databases
  • CRM and other operational systems such as Salesforce
  • Document and content management systems such as SharePoint and iManage
  • Electronic signature services such as DocuSign
  • Any system having a REST web services API

Key Neota Logic integration benefits

1. Read and write connections to and from any data source

Relational (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle), non-relational
(SharePoint, HighQ Collaborate), iManage, OpenText, K2, Nintex.

2. SharePoint as a data store

Neota Logic applications can read from and write to SharePoint lists, including document lists.

3. SharePoint as a portal

With Neota Logic custom web part, a Neota Logic application can run within any page in a SharePoint intranet or extranet. Single Sign On (SSO) is automatic so that provisioning of users and groups is managed entirely on the SharePoint side, in Active Directory or SharePoint native.

4. Complex decisioning for workflow

When a business process requires decisions more complex than the sort of simple “route to manager if amount over $5,000” gateway available in business process management / workflow systems, those systems can call a Neota Logic application via API to provide the decision while retaining control of the process.

5. Neota Logic applications in portals and websites

Neota Logic applications can be embedded in a website or portal such as SharePoint or Liferay, making the application appear as a component of the page.

6. External reasoning engines

Neota Logic applications can call on external reasoning engines such as Wolfram Cloud for complex mathematical analyses, Kira and RAVN for contract analytics, and IBM Watson Alchemy for natural language, as well as custom applications of any kind.