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The heart of Neota is our unique, proprietary hybrid-reasoning engine.

The reasoning engine combines Boolean rules of any complexity with mathematical reasoning (formulas, Excel spreadsheets), multi-factor reasoning (weighted scorings), and a wide range of external tools.

The Engine automatically integrates all these forms of reasoning—calling upon them as needed to drive an application and solve a problem. Authors can build very large and complex applications in individual, small, comprehensible segments that are easier to create and much easier to maintain.

With the hybrid reasoning engine, Neota applications can apply not only our proprietary reasoning tools but also Microsoft Excel, complex calculation engines, and natural language processing (“NLP”) and machine learning (“ML”) tools from any source.


Expertise Automation

Expertise automation to transform your organization

With Neota Logic applications organizations can:

  • Leverage expertise cost-effectively by delivering just-in-time guidance to thousands of people across an enterprise.
  • Reduce business risks and litigation costs by embedding legal and compliance guidance and auditing in front-line business operations.
  • Deepen relationships with business clients, both internal and external, by providing self-help tools for routine work and escalating out-of-the-ordinary matters automatically.
  • Focus professional resources on the most critical problems by automating routine issues and processes.
  • Create innovative, differentiating services.
Expertise Automation