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Neota applications can integrate with almost any data source or system

Neota automates not only expertise and processes but also documents of all kinds: memoranda on advice given and actions recommended and other outcomes of expertise automation; reports on the steps and status of processes; and business documents ranging from Non-Disclosure Agreements to merger financing agreements.

Go Further than traditional document automation

Unlike traditional document assembly tools, Neota Logic can bring to bear the full power of its hybrid reasoning and process engines to create document processes that are easy to use, scalable, and cost-effective no matter how complex the documents or the processes around them are.

Businesses can provide to their internal clients very powerful – but precisely controlled and audited – self-help document tools enabling business people to get in with business while having the benefit of built-in guidance.

Document Automation

User interface & integration

The user interface of Neota Logic document applications is not only driven by logic but is also 100% customizable with the built-in Studio Theme Editor and custom CSS. With this flexibility, document applications can be tailored exactly to user needs and seamlessly incorporated into business processes.

With Neota Logic’s flexible integration capabilities, document applications can be launched within, use data from, and save data and documents back to business systems such as Salesforce, SharePoint, HighQ, iManage, and NetDocuments.

Document Automation

Data management and analytics

With the data management and analytics capabilities provided by Neota Data Manager, every aspect of document applications is tracked and can be reported. For example, if data shows that review is being triggered for an unexpectedly large share of documents, the drafting team may be able to refine the logic of the application to improve quick clearance and reduce the review burden.

Document Automation