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Simplify data management

Business operations are a flow of data—customers, employees, requests, facts, decisions, actions, and more. Neota apps gather data by asking a person or querying a system, reason on the data by applying rules and other algorithms, and create new data—conclusions, recommendations, risk scores, documents, and so on.

Neota Data Manager (“NDM”) dramatically simplifies data management. With NDM, authors can build apps that read from and write to Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases without writing code and without assistance from programmers or database administrators. NDM automatically generates a database with the schema and all tables and joins needed to manage data for any Neota application. As the app’s data structure is changed (variables added, modified, deleted), the database schema is automatically updated and synchronized. Operations to read from and write to the database are created in a few clicks. Knowledge of SQL is not required.

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Example uses of NDM

  • A contract process app for a corporate legal department uses Neota Data Manager to track and report on every agreement drafted, including counterparty details and key terms, variances from standard terms, escalations for review, and process status.
  • A 50-state data privacy compliance app for corporate Information Governance managers uses Neota Data Manager to maintain data on current legislation/regulations.
  • A higher education compliance app uses Neota Data Manager to track and report on every campus incident and response for reporting to regulators.
  • A real estate lease review app uses Neota Data Manager to store hundreds of data points about each lease, which is then analyzed by the application to identify legal and other risks in the lease portfolio.
  • A legal department intake application uses Neota Data Manager to analyze the incoming workload and to match cases to available lawyers and law firms.
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