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User interface

As the distinguished interface designer Alan Cooper wrote, “if we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likeable person: respectful, generous and helpful.”

Neota provides tools that enable authors and designers to create application interfaces that are highly interactive and responsive to users’ purpose, profiles and inputs, tailored to the specific business context and problem, and visually pleasing and brand-consistent.

Application Design

User experience

Every element of the user interface is driven by the Neota reasoning engine and by application data. For example, the selection and sequence of questions, the text of questions, answer options, and page layout are all determined by data-driven rules. As a user moves through a solution, screens are composed based on the user’s prior answers as well as data from the user’s profile and other data sources. All, but only, the information a user needs is presented. Optional, context-specific, data-driven guidance can be available at any point.

Application Design

Application branding and design

Neota also provides tools for branding and design of the user interface. Using the built-in Theme Editor, authors with limited CSS skill can customize page layout, fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, logos and other images, and most other visual aspects of an application to conform to a style guide or mockup. In addition, custom CSS created by professional designers can be used to extend and enrich solution design as needed.

NLS applications use HTML5 and responsive design techniques to present the runtime user interface correctly in desktop, tablet, and phone browsers.

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