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Neota’s Vision: Belief delivered by technology

At Neota, we believe in the power of widening access to professional services through technology. Our aim is to become the global standard for any organization in any sector committed to delivering that access. And we believe we can deliver this because we offer the best no code platform in the world for building, deploying and maintaining expert applications.

By making professional services affordable and widely available, Neota will

  • Democratize access to professional expertise
  • Re-invent how that expertise is built, delivered and consumed
  • Provide substantial and game-changing efficiency gains for all our clients
  • Help billions make better decisions.

And in doing so, we will make a positive and lasting impact on society.

Neota’s Story

What we do

Neota’s award-winning no-code automation platform allows professionals to rapidly automate any aspect of their expert services. Neota customers and their clients enjoy the benefits of technology extending the reach of the professional, improved efficiency, client satisfaction and creating new business opportunities.

With a global presence, Neota offers its platform and services to clients from its offices in New York, London and Melbourne.

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Who we are

The Neota team are highly passionate, driven to deliver a no-code automation platform that empowers people who are not programmers to build powerful applications for their clients.

We are a diverse group of doers. We are PhDs in artificial intelligence, electrical engineers, attorneys, computer scientists, MBAs, accountants, former barristers, consultants, and computer scientists. We are also moms, dads, triathletes, marathon runners, bakers, guitar players, potters, gardeners, Game of Thrones watchers, dancers, scuba divers, avid readers, world travellers, wine aficionados, and board game players who enjoy laughing and debating with each other.

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"Using apps to surface multi-jurisdictional content, which is often incredibly complicated, is the natural next step in our journey of trying to simplify the complex."
Marc-Henri Chamay
CEO of aosphere
"By working with technology providers like Neota, we are able to package our advice into powerful products that save time, money & enable clients to deploy that information in a smart way."
Monica Sah
Partner at Clifford Chance
"Neota Logic's expert system platform enables anytime, anywhere precision"
Scott Rechtschaffen
Chief Knowledge Officer - Littler Mendelson P.C
" Neota Logic is an example of how combining our expertise with intelligent automation software can add significant value."
Paul Greenwood
Chief Information Officer Clifford Chance
"We’ve plans to use the Neota Logic technology to service both internal users and for external collaboration with our clients. This will result in apps that we use for assessments and intakes or to automate contract generation. Currently, Boels Zanders has been enthusiastically running internal workshops to design complex decisions trees"
Jos Meuwissen
Boels Zanders