Neota releases NL 10.7 to further enhance the speed of application deployment

Neota releases NL 10.7 to further enhance the speed of application deployment
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Neota releases NL 10.7 to further enhance the speed of application deployment

Our mission to scale expertise through intelligent workflow solutions continues to be our focus and Neota is excited to launch a number of new features to enable our customers to move from idea to production solution, faster than ever before.

NLS 10.7 includes a range of features, created as a result of your feedback, enhancing our Canvas, Workflow and Microsoft Word Toolbar products.  We are also progressing our plans to bring our new Web-based Studio and Runtime products to market and look forward to delivering on that commitment in subsequent releases.


Neota Logic’s Workflow product allows a user to manage tasks and complex processes that span teams, parties and time periods.  Using a standards-based approach aligned to the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) framework, Workflow allows multiple processes to be linked together to create an end-to-end solution to solve your business problems.

In NLS 10.7, we have added a Parallel Gates feature which enables multiple pathways to be traversed in parallel, in addition to the current “one-or-the-other” approach.  This will allow greater flexibility when managing the sequence of interactions across teams and third parties.

Document Automation

NLS 10.7, enables documents marked up via our Word Add-In, to be imported via Workbench.  This, in turn, enables drafts of documents to be leveraged via Canvas and Workflow, reducing the need for customisation in Studio.


Neota Logic’s expertise automation capabilities enable users to create intelligent web-based applications that replicate the advice a subject matter expert would provide, in person or over the phone. The applications guide users through a digital interview that gathers facts, applies reasoning to the information collected and produces custom, contextually appropriate outputs.

We are targeting Canvas at users who want to create applications, but do not have the desire to engage with Neota University to learn the breadth of capabilities the platform has to offer.

In NLS 10.7.0, we now support Multi-value List Values, to enable users to select one or multiple options in a list.

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