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Applications Built in Neota's No-Code AI Automation Platform

See examples of our customers’ revolutionary applications.

Neota customers and their clients enjoy the benefits of digital technology extending the reach of the professional, improved efficiency, client satisfaction and new business opportunities.

See real-life examples of applications built in Neota below or visit our Neota App Idea Gallery for ideas on what you could build in Neota.

Neota Logic’s Customer App Gallery

Customer Apps


Business Visitor Assist: Assesses tax and immigration obligations of business travelers in Australia


Global Risk Solutions: Addressing the FCPA compliance needs of companies with international business operations

Carlton Fields

GDPR Assessment Tool: an interactive tool that helps clients determine whether the GDPR applies to their business


CCPA Screening Tool: Simple and efficient online process for determining your likely compliance status with California’s Consumer Privacy Act


Cross Border Data Transfer: Identify and overcome barriers to cross-border transfers of data


Shareholding Disclosure: Comprehensive analysis of reporting obligations


Rulefinder G20: High-quality data supporting your derivatives function


REDDA: Real Estate Due Diligence App


Document Retention Tool: Creates and maintains document retention schedules to ensure continual compliance

Legal Innovation Zone

Fanily Law Portal: A free, online service will help Ontario families involved in separation or divorce better understand their rights


Navigator Compliance Suite: On-demand apps that enable compliance federal and state employment laws


Legal Guidance Suite: Immediate legal assistance for condominium boards and property managers

Actuate Law

Data Breach Advisor: Determines whether security incident triggers notification requirements and provides immediate guidance


Immigration Tool & Applications: Provide immediate guidance on immigration topics

Gilbert & Tobin

Smart Counsel: Tailored answers on frequently asked legal questions from in-house counsel

Maurice Blackburn

Family Will Service: Enables rapid creation of compliant wills

Farrar Gesini Dunn

Modern Divorce: A suite of online products to revolutionise the legal divorce process

"Using apps to surface multi-jurisdictional content, which is often incredibly complicated, is the natural next step in our journey of trying to simplify the complex."
Marc-Henri Chamay
CEO of aosphere
"Being able to speed up this process by giving specific, tailored advice is paramount. Not only does it free up our lawyers but also enables our clients to be served answers immediately, at any time."
Emma Dwyer
Capital Markets partner at Allen & Overy
"Neota Logic collects more data AND makes the user experience better and more efficient. This is very hard to do well. It’s usually one or the other."
Jeff Marple
Innovation Director Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual Insurance
"Neota demonstrated clear benefits of applying the technology and we are looking forward to benefiting from the efficiencies that will result from using the software and reasoning engine.”"
Maya vanden Driesen
Group General Counsel at Wesfarmers
"Neota allows us to put fact-specific legal advice at clients’ fingertips, 24/7, empowering them to ‘self-serve’ in most circumstances & to escalate to counsel where complexity or nuance warrant."
Jeffrey Sharer
Chief Innovation Counsel at Actuate Law