Legal Techy Tuesday Series: Neota Logic Virtual Demo

Legal Techy Tuesday Series: Neota Logic Virtual Demo
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Legal Techy Tuesday Series: Neota Logic Virtual Demo

On 6 October 2020, Mark Tyndall, VP Markets & Growth APAC for Neota Logic demonstrated how service design principles and Neota Logic’s Workflow and Canvas development tools empower lawyers and operations teams to streamline, automate, maintain and update complex, matter-critical processes, all without a single line of code.

The demand for legal expertise is greater than it has ever been, and clients have never been under more pressure and more discerning with their trust and their spend than they are right now. Many law firms and corporate legal teams are responding by redesigning their services to make them scalable, more efficient, more adapted to client needs, less leveraged, and less prone to error.

Neota Logic is the world’s leading no-code automation platform for professional services. It puts drag-and-drop tools in the hands of professionals to directly translate their expertise, their processes and workflows, and their precedent documents into dynamic web-based applications available 24/7.

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