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Scale access to government advice and guidance

No-code automation isn’t just for commercial organizations. Governments need to keep up with the pace of change to scale advice and guidance to their citizens. Implement agile development practices with Neota’s no-code platform by building and changing solutions on the fly if internal processes or legislation changes.

Increase efficiencies

Expedite the delivery of your solutions using no-code

Increase accuracy

Public bodies can ensure accurate and consistent advice is provided through their digital solution

Reduce costs

No-code solutions are dramatically more cost-effective than traditional programming methods

Hear it from the best

Thomson Reuters
GE Healthcare
Trans Grid
Compliance HR
Andrew Hawkes – Customer testimonial
Scott Rechtschaffen – Customer testimonial
Ben Shillito – Customer testimonial
Trine Melsether
"Neota has enabled us to build our industrial ergonomic applications much faster and we've utilized our existing non-technical workforce to build out the solutions"
Andy Hawkes, CEO at Cardinus Risk Management
"With Neota we can transform Littler’s employment and labor law expertise into a comprehensive solution for today’s employment compliance challenges."
Scott Rechtschaffen, Chief Knowledge Officer at Littler Mendelson
"It took us 2 weeks to build the prototype of our first app using Neota's no-code platform"
Ben Shillito, Legal Director, Head of Digital Services at Fujitsu
"Not only have our lawyers saved timed onboarding a new matter but the finance team has also benefited as they no longer have to cross-check the information and go back and forth on the phone. "
Trine Melsether, CDO at Thommessen

Transform resource and digital advice delivery

Revolutionize citizens’ experience with easily accessible automated online resources for simplified, issue-specific government assistance and advice. Tools can guide users through set questions to establish what exact information is relevant to them, as well as allowing for simple scaling for matters which require more assistance and attention.

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