Legal Teams are challenged every day to do more with less

Legal Teams are challenged every day to do more with less

Neota Logic can help corporate legal teams transform legal service into automated apps to:

  • Bring work in-house, while not increasing team size

  • Create self-service legal and compliance tools for the business to enable self-service

  • Triage, analyse and route requests to legal teams

  • Ensure accurate and consistent work product every time

  • Guide and train junior resources on important legal processes

Neota Logic provides all of the tools a corporate legal team needs to rapidly build and deploy apps that scale their professional expertise and serve their customers. Watch this video to see the various apps we’ve built to help corporate legal departments.

With Neota Logic, legal work becomes more accurate and less expensive to produce, less tedious for your in-house lawyers to disseminate and more consistent and easier to access.

Finally, a solution that empowers you to get ahead by doing more with less while adding value.

Expertise Automation for Corporate Legal Teams

Intelligent Automation is the future of legal services

Create applications to solve your Legal Department’s bottlenecks. Make your legal team’s expert advice available direct to your business users 24/7/365. Build applications to provide Analysis & Advice for compliance with regulations, policies, or procedures. Enforce standard process workflow to ensure consistent and complete work product. Automate the selection, drafting, delivery, and archiving of contracts, forms, and other documents.
Improve Internal Efficiency
Dramatically Reduce Risk
Reduce Costs by leveraging technology
Free up your lawyers for more important work
Provide timely advice to your business
Drive Innovation
"This is the future of the delivery of legal services"
Martin Tully
Co-Chair, Akerman LLP

How the Neota Logic platform works

Neota Logic connects complex content and expert analysis to provide precise, immediate answers and automate repetitive knowledge work


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