Automate professional advice, workflows and documents

Automate professional advice, workflows and documents

Automation has been a major force driving efficiency and innovation in companies for more than a century.  Neota Logic brings the benefits of expertise automation to professional services across all industries to:

  • Automate common, time-consuming, advice-based tasks
  • Deliver professional services cost effectively at scale
  • Provide advice to clients 24/7
  • Prevent errors before they become risks
  • Productize professional services to generate new revenue

Whether you provide legal, financial, insurance or tax advisory services, Neota Logic can help you be more efficient and more profitable.


Expertise Automation for Industries
"Only Neota Logic was able to provide the technology and development needed for us to provide the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that we needed"
David Simon
Foley & Lardner LLP, Partner
"Neota Logic's expert system platform enables anytime, anywhere precision"
Scott Rechtschaffen
Chief Knowledge Officer - Littler Mendelson P.C
"Love the instructional videos! They're really great to follow."
Law Student
Melbourne Law School

Expert AI Solutions for your industry

Neota Logic’s artificial intelligence software makes doing business easier. Aligning with global law firms, Fortune 500 companies and top educational institutions, Neota’s intelligent software platform enables our clients to intelligently automate their expertise at internet scale through an operationally useful form – as applications embedded in business systems or consulted interactively in a browser.
Transform Tax Advisory Services


Automate rules-based decisions
With Neota Logic expert advisors, subscribers and clients can quickly apply complex, intertwined rules to specific fact patterns, produce actionable answers and receive clear statements of relevant rules,...
Expertise Automation for Corporate Legal Teams

Corporate Legal

Save time, reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance commitments
Neota Logic can help corporate legal teams transform legal service into automated apps to:  Bring work in-house, while not increasing team size  Create self-service legal and compliance...
Expertise Automation for Law Firms

Legal Services

Improve efficiency, increase profitability and productize your expertise
Designed for the legal industry, Neota Logic enables a better model for legal service delivery that strengthens relationships with clients while making Law Firms more profitable.  Automate inefficient...
Expertise Automation for Financial Services

Financial Services

Save time, reduce costs and meet regulatory compliance commitments
As a result, the financial services sector has dramatically increased expenditure on legal and regulatory compliance activity.  In 2016 alone, banks spent almost $100 billion on legal and regulatory compliance...
Expertise Automation for Insurance


Automate expert claims analysis and decision making, speed policy creation and meet regulatory compliance requirements
Improve insured experience  Reduce claims response time  Simplify adjusters’ processes  Automate policies, coverage letters and claims responses  
We transform expertise into action
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