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Do more with less

In today’s world, having to manage an exponential increase in demand for legal expertise with scarce experts and limited budgets is becoming an impossible task for many in-house lawyers.

There is a fundamental need to make legal expertise more accessible to the business and to deliver that expertise securely and effectively at the point of need.

Legal departments can’t do this with traditional methods.

Neota Logic’s no-code platform provides professionals with a wide range of easy-to-use tools to easily build their own bespoke applications that automate their legal services.

The platform comes with the following pre-built template apps including:

  • Legal Services Requests
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements 

  • Electronic Discovery Advisor 

Corporate Legal Departments

The Benefits of Neota Logic

Neota Logic delivers affordable, scalable and convenient access to expertise that will transform your corporate legal department.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Get more work done by digitalizing your legal services

Free Up Resources
Free Up Resources

Automation allows your legal team to focus on more complex tasks

24/7 Accessibility
24/7 Accessibility

Allow your business to access your online legal services any time of day or night

Increase Accuracy
Increase Accuracy

Ensure your business receives accurate and consistent legal advice

Ensure Compliance
Ensure Compliance

Help your business remain compliant with expert legal advice at their fingertips

How Neota can help your corporate legal department?

Legal Portals

Legal Portals

Create your own custom front door for the legal function. Capture, triage and route requests to the right resources. Evolve the list of service types according to data that is being entered.

Self-Service Apps

Self-Service Apps

Free up lawyers time and delight your business by routing them to self-service apps that transform static legal knowledge into interactive analysis and advice

Contract Lifecycle Automation

Contract Lifecycle Automation

Automate the creation, negotiation, approval and review of any type of contract, form, or online agreement.

Compliance Automation

Compliance Automation

Provide clients with self-service legal analysis and advice tools to solve their multi-jurisdiction compliance issues.

Powered by Neota

"Neota demonstrated clear benefits of applying the technology and we are looking forward to benefiting from the efficiencies that will result from using the software and reasoning engine.”"
Maya vanden Driesen
Group General Counsel at Wesfarmers
"We see the value in leveraging Neota to increase efficiencies and offer new kinds of services to our clients to ensure they get the best possible support, at scale."
Greg Siskind
Founder of Siskind Susser
"Neota allows us to put fact-specific legal advice at clients’ fingertips, 24/7, empowering them to ‘self-serve’ in most circumstances & to escalate to counsel where complexity or nuance warrant."
Jeffrey Sharer
Chief Innovation Counsel at Actuate Law
"Overlooking risks around employee travel can have a detrimental effect. That’s why we designed this application to address these risks before the traveller even gets on the plane."
Tony O’Reilly
Director, Technology and Innovation at KPMG Australia
"Neota Logic collects more data AND makes the user experience better and more efficient. This is very hard to do well. It’s usually one or the other."
Jeff Marple
Innovation Director Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual Insurance