We’re seeking a law school graduate to be based in NYC to create and maintain processes and materials that law schools and non-profit organizations around the world use to create applications with the Neota software-development platform (examples of law student apps here). You’ll also directly support law schools (and other types of schools) as they teach students to develop expertise-automation apps in courses and justice lab clinic programs. You’ll be a leader in improving legal education and legal services, particularly for people in need of access to justice.  You’ll also be a leader the rapidly growing field of expertise automation.  Training in the Neota Logic platform will be provided (no programming experience required).

Background: Neota Logic is the leading platform for automating expertise. Law firms and corporations use Neota to create apps that deliver tailored guidance online. Neota is taught in law schools to help ensure law school graduates can thrive in the new era of professional services. To learn more about Neota Logic, visit our web site, this page of example apps, and this explanation of the Neota university programs.

  • Desire to use cutting-edge AI technology to improve the delivery of professional services
  • Desire to help improve legal education and support access-to-justice for people in need globally
  • Law degree -- and STEM degree or experience a plus
  • Technical proficiency (but coding experience not required)
  • Ability to learn software programs quickly; interest in tech
  • Desire to learn to use the Neota platform to create apps that automate expertise
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Strong client-relationship skills
  • Desire to public speaking and thought-leadership writing
  • Strong project management skills
  • Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Commute daily to NYC office
Our commitment to your success is supported by our competitive salaries and an extensive benefits package, including paid time-off, medical, dental, and vision benefits. Plus, we work to maintain the best possible environment for our employees, where people can grow with the company. We strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to decisions, planning, and culture.