Building Legal Operations in 2022 (without coding)

Building Legal Operations in 2022 (without coding)
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Hasan Choudhary
Global Marketing Executive
Building Legal Operations in 2022 (without coding)



Legal operations professionals have more options than ever when choosing technology. It’s hard to know which digital solutions and delivery models will work best for your team. In 30 minutes, we’ll answer these questions and more:

• What is “no-code”?
• Where does a no-code platform like Neota fit in your technology stack?
• What role does data play in legal operations? (Designing an effective data management strategy, eliminating data silos)

Shaz Aziz, Director of Client Solutions and Consulting at Neota, is the host of this webinar. Shaz is a former attorney who’s spent time in private practice and in-house. During this session, he’ll also share examples of real-life legal solutions built by Neota clients.

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