An Anti-Diet Approach to Work: More No-code, Less No Carb

An Anti-Diet Approach to Work: More No-code, Less No Carb
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An Anti-Diet Approach to Work: More No-code, Less No Carb
Melanie Segraves
Pre-sales Engineer
An Anti-Diet Approach to Work: More No-code, Less No Carb

With the first month of 2022 now behind us, we can take a collective deep breath. We survived the holidays, a chaotic return to work, and most of the “New Year, New You” ads.

The consensus amongst health experts is that January diets aren’t effective, which makes sense when considering how long it takes to change daily habits and routines. How many things have you done today already, without thinking?

That’s a trick question, of course. You weren’t thinking.

Oftentimes, we operate on auto-pilot while we’re at work too. We neglect to think through the individual tasks that make up our larger processes, and in doing so, we miss inefficiencies that eat up time and money. Major operational overhauls are a lot like diets though, most of the time they fail. Here’s how a no-code platform like Neota can help you make small, lasting changes to the way you work.

A Platform for Every Need: In the past, you may have needed a variety of tools for your team to be efficient; one for document automation, another for assigning tasks, and still another for designing workflows. We designed Neota to be flexible and scalable so you can rapidly build and deploy all types of digital solutions on the same platform. Visit Neota’s Solution Gallery for examples.

Building Blocks and Templates: Neota includes a library of customizable templates and Building Blocks to jump-start your own solution building. Neota’s pre-built components can be used on their own or they can be easily combined to create a complete digital workflow solution. They require no technical background and minimal training to use.

A Framework for Success: We truly believe you can build anything on Neota’s no-code platform, which is why we developed a Customer Success Team to help your organization fully utilize the platform’s capabilities, ensuring a return on your investment. We also provide clients with in-depth online training resources, educational workshops, and opportunities to network with other Neota users worldwide.


If thinking of ways to improve existing business processes is as daunting as the thought of going on a diet, it’s time to consider going No-code in 2022.


Neota is the leading no-code platform for the intelligent automation of processes, documents, and expertise.

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