Webinar – ‘Think before you automate’: how to interrogate automation, value, and choosing a vendor.

Posted: 27 September 2021
By: Neota Logic

Date: Wednesday 27th October

Time: 11am ET

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We will be joined by Karta Legal for an ILTA webinar to discuss about why it’s important to slow down, take time, and understand your problems and processes before you venture into the technology marketplace.

When tech vendors pepper you with shiny apps and mentions of AI, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and drawn to flashy systems which might not actually do what you need them to do. Here, we delve into mapping out your processes to find use cases, establishing what you can and want to automate, and where you want automation to sit in your organization’s long term aims.

We will be using a high-level process automation use case to provide a general sense of how workflow automation could sit in your workplace.



Jonathan Jochem – Director, Markets & Growth, Americas – Neota Logic

Shyamal Addanki – Consultant – Karta Legal

Lee Shubert – Director of Litigation Support & Discovery Strategy – Karta Legal


Karta Legal: 

Karta Legal’s is a legal operations and law firm management consulting firm. We partner with vetted and carefully curated legal technology vendors to help law firms and legal departments innovate, not only by acquiring new technology but also by training their teams and fixing inefficient processes. Our goal is change management through design thinking and process improvement using Lean Six Sigma and Agile LPM techniques.


Neota Logic:
Neota is the leading no-code platform for the intelligent workflow automation of processes, documents and expertise.
The platform provides professionals with pre-built Components to rapidly build digital workflow solutions that automate any aspect of their service, without writing a single line of code.
These solutions empower legal, risk and compliance professionals to deliver access to their expertise at scale.

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