New tool provides New Yorkers with tailored information on vital questions of child support, custody, visitation and other family law matters

Posted: 29 July 2021
By: Neota Logic

Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT)a Brooklyn-based legal services provider focusing on family law matters, has launched the LIFT NY Family Law Navigator (, a user-friendly, smart tool that helps families and community members who cannot afford a lawyer quickly get tailored answers on New York family law.

The tool delivers family law information customized to each person’s legal case and situation. It was created by LIFT with students in the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic (BLIP) and The Justice Lab at Brooklyn Law School with support from technology provider, Neota Logic.

“This effort has created what we think of as the future of legal support — easily-accessed, curated, legal information based on the user’s particular situation. Ryan Gallagher, LIFT’s Director of Legal Technology

“For the past 25 years, LIFT has provided information, resources, and case support to people in NYS Family Court without a lawyer,” explains LIFT CEO, Cathy Cramer. “Family Court addresses critical cases of child support, custody and visitation, as well as domestic violence. These cases have serious, even life-altering consequences for children, parents, grandparents, and other family members. Our NY Family Law Navigator puts a smart, online tool in the hands of New Yorkers who don’t have the financial ability to hire a lawyer and want to better understand family law and its impact on their individual situations.”

The Navigator can be accessed on LIFT’s website – The tool’s straightforward interface invites users to anonymously answer three to twelve simple questions to refine their family law issue. In response, the Navigator delivers tailored answers drawn from LIFT’s expertise and comprehensive, continually refreshed database of high-quality family law resources. The process takes fewer than five minutes. 

“Today’s lawyers must be able to provide services digitally, and this app exemplifies how that can be done by lawyers who embrace technology and new ways of working.” Professor Jonathan Askin, Brooklyn Law School

“This tool is especially timely in light of the pandemic,” adds Cramer. “Job losses and family separations are increasing, while the backlog of cases in the New York State Family Court system (due to pandemic-related service reductions) presents ongoing access issues.”

LIFT’s Director of Legal Technology, Ryan Gallagher adds, “Through this innovative partnership, LIFT provided the family law content, Neota Logic provided the platform, and the students at Brooklyn Law School built the branch logic behind the app. This effort has created what we think of as the future of legal support — easily-accessed, curated, legal information based on the user’s particular situation. More than 8 in 10 LIFT clients have a mobile device, so we’re creating the access they need in an efficient, streamlined way.”

“Neota Logic is pleased to help organizations like LIFT and Brooklyn Law School leverage their skills to build solutions for a better world,” says Neota Logic’s VP of Education & Community Programs, Kevin Mulcahy, adding that no-code development toolsets enable people who do not have programming training to build and maintain smart apps like the Navigator.

The LIFT NY Family Law Navigator is part of LIFT’s portfolio of solutions to create more access and power for unrepresented litigants in New York Family Court. LIFT is deploying innovative technologies to help close the justice gap and build new inroads of access and equity for the vast majority of people who navigate complicated legal systems without legal representation.

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About LIFT

Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT) ( provides unrepresented litigants with tools to be their own advocates in NYS Family Court. Now in its 25th year, LIFT increases access to justice for tens of thousands of New Yorkers. LIFT provides family law information, community education, and compassionate guidance on family law matters, while promoting systemwide reform of NY courts and public agencies. LIFT operates innovative programs in NYS Family Courts and the wider NYS community.

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Brooklyn Law School ( has been innovating in the legal profession for more than 120 years. Today, the law school prepares students to lead in the new world of legal practice. The school’s clinical legal education program, which is one of the country’s most diverse and comprehensive professional skills training programs, enables next-generation lawyers to develop legal skills and create technology-based legal solutions like the LIFT NY Family Law Navigator.

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