ALTACON 2021 LegalTech Expo.

Posted: 19 April 2021
By: Neota Logic


Neota Logic is proud to be sponsoring and attending ALTACON 2021.

Meet us at the in-person + virtual event this year to learn more about the Neota Logic platform and what it could do for you! The event is designed to help law firms, in-house counsel, and others, get to grips with what LegalTech offerings there are, featuring discussions and talks from industry-leading individuals giving an insight on their products, the market, and the future of LegalTech.

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What is Neota Logic? 

Neota is the leading no-code platform for the intelligent workflow automation of processes, documents and expertise.

The platform provides professionals with pre-built Products to rapidly build digital workflow solutions that automate any aspect of their service, without writing a single line of code.

These solutions empower legal, risk and compliance professionals to deliver access to their expertise at scale.

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