ComplianceHR launch SmartScreen™ built in Neota’s no-code platform

Posted: 29 July 2020
By: Neota Logic

Neota Logic, creators of the world’s leading automation platform, announced today that award-winning HR compliance specialist, ComplianceHR, has developed ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ using Neota’s no-code automation platform.

As workplaces across the country begin to gradually reopen, how best to safely return employees to work is top of mind for corporate decision-makers. While employers wrestle with return-to-work logistics, many jurisdictions have weighed in and are recommending, if not requiring, employees to be screened for COVID-19-related symptoms and risk factors before they physically return to the workplace.

For this reason, ComplianceHR is providing businesses with an instantly deployable and practical approach that addresses one of the most pressing problems employers currently face today through ComplianceHR SmartScreen™.

What is ComplianceHR SmartScreen™?

ComplianceHR SmartScreen is a paperless, mobile-friendly COVID-19 symptom checker for safely returning employees to work.

Powered by the deep experience of Littler and Neota Logic’s no-code automation platform, the solution allows employers to easily send jurisdiction-specific screening questionnaires for select employees to complete before they come into the office each day. The solution was created by the ComplianceHR team in collaboration with Littler’s Knowledge Management Department and COVID-19 Task Force.

How Does ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ Work?

  • Easy, Automated Workflow. Each selected employee receives a short, digitized questionnaire and receives immediate guidance advising whether they can come to the office. The questionnaire and results are mobile-friendly and allow the employee to show the “pass/fail” result as they enter the workplace. The employer can even scan a QR Code with a normal smartphone to “check-in” the employee for the day.
  • Dashboard Driven. ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ provides employers a dashboard accessible by designated administrators who both select employees for screening and track results as completed. The solution also notifies the employer of any employees with risk factors unsuitable for a safe return to work.
  • Worried about Privacy? ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ helps employers maintain employee privacy by tracking this information without a need for paper or spreadsheets.

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