Neota Logic Releases NL 10.1

Posted: 15 May 2020
By: Neota Logic

Neota Logic, creators of the world’s leading no-code automation platform, announced today the release of NL 10.1.

Neota Logic 10.1 continues our focus on platform accessibility to a broader range of users than ever before. In NL 10.0, released earlier this year, we launched the first version of Canvas, our new easy to use, web-based application authoring tool. In 10.1 we are pleased to have added to the user experience of this offering by enabling the end-user view of an application to be viewed at design time. This allows authors to change “themes” and view the resultant application whilst they are configuring the logic. We have also improved the experience of logic validation, so authors can be alerted to logic anomalies whilst their application is being created.

In this release, we are also launching an alpha version of our new Workflow product. This is a new drag and drop product, with a similar design-driven approach to Canvas. Workflow is the next incarnation of our “Products” functionality which allows you to link multiple applications together to create solutions that span parties and time periods. This effectively allows authors to create automated Workflows that can, for example, create drafts of agreements, send internally or to third parties for review, negotiation, approval and execution.

Finally, NLS10.1 also contains a new easier to navigate, embedded user manual. Previously our user manual was hosted in a third party system which required a separate username and password. In order to streamline access, we have now embedded it into the platform, making this content more accessible.

For a private demo of the Neota Logic platform and/or to see applications in action, please request a demo