Neota Logic Sponsors TechTorget

Posted: 31 October 2019
By: Neota Logic

Neota Logic, creators of the world’s leading no-code AI automation platform, announced today they are sponsoring TechTorget 2019.

Neota Logic is an award-winning no-code AI automation platform, providing professionals with a wide range of easy-to-use tools to rapidly build applications that automate any aspect of professional services.

To book a demo with one of our Neota experts at the event please get in touch.

TechTorget is an idea based on the recognition in the Lawyer industry that it is difficult to stay informed and up to date on IT in general and on which IT solutions are relevant in relation to the practical and qualitative improvement of work processes in their respective companies.

The Law Society also recognizes this need. In dialogue with Erik Ødegaard and Peter van Dam and others. they have made suggestions to arrange TechTorget. The goal is for good and proven solutions to streamline and improve the lives of lawyers to reach the Norwegian law firms, internal lawyers and their employees in a simple and effective way. For more information please visit the TechTarget webpage.

For a private demo of the Neota Logic platform and/or to see applications in action, please request a demo