ABA features Neota app as model for addressing justice gap

Posted: 12 July 2019
By: Kevin Mulcahy - VP, Education & Community Programs

On the eve of July 4th this year, the Atlantic Magazine published an article “Justice for Some,” written by the American Bar Association, the leading trade association of lawyers in America, highlighting the great need for legal services that are accessible to the public. The article cites many statistics that paint a dire picture in which most Americans find legal services out of reach.

A key solution to this justice gap, explains the ABA, is technology — and the prime example of  technology addressing the justice gap cited by the ABA is the Legal Risk Detector application developed in Neota Logic by Pro Bono Net and students at the Georgetown University Law Center.

As indicated in the article, the Legal Risk Detector is used by numerous nonprofit organizations to help social workers identify cases of elder abuse. The app has been highly effective in detecting many heartbreaking cases and referring them to appropriate authorities.
All of us at Neota Logic, Pro Bono Net, and the Georgetown University Law Center, are very pleased that our access-to-justice app has been cited as model solution by the ABA.
To learn more about how access-to-justice apps are being developed by law students with the Neota Logic no-code application development platform, see Neota’s education program page here. And for a consultation on how your law school can enable students to build professional-grade expertise-automation apps, please write to Kevin Mulcahy, mulcahy@neotalogic.com.
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Written by: Kevin Mulcahy - VP, Education & Community Programs