Siskind Susser releases Beta Version of H-1B public access file generator app, built on Neota’s AI Automation platform

Posted: 18 February 2019
By: Neota Logic

Neota Logic, creators of the world’s leading platform to capture and automate expertise, announced today that leading immigration law firm, Siskind Susser, releases the beta version of their H-1B public access file generator application, built on Neota Logic.

Through their no-code platform and commitment to client engagement, Neota liberates clients to quickly and efficiently build, or have built for them, bespoke tools to ensure legal expertise is both accessible and profitable.

Siskind Susser is successfully developing a variety of applications to help guide their clients through immigration law, either as part of a subscription or per-use basis. Siskind Susser began this process by launching the beta version of their H-1B public access file generator application, that is currently free to trial for a month before being released in production in March. This specific application allows users to efficiently answer specific questions needed to generate the original documents required for the PAF and upload other documents required to comply with the US Department of Labor’s tight 24-hour deadline.

Users can find out more and access further applications Siskind Susser has built through their new website

Greg Siskind, Founder of Siskind Susser, commented ‘Being an innovative firm focusing on immigration law, we see the value in leveraging technology to increase efficiencies and offer new kinds of services to our clients to ensure they get the best possible support, at scale’.

Kim Massana, CEO, Americas at Neota Logic, commented, “We are delighted to be working with Siskind Susser. Our technology can transform the way in which legal services can be delivered and it’s great to see that Siskind Susser has the vision to achieve this as they consider their clients and what best meets their needs’.


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