Neota Logic listed by the FT as one of the top 10 legaltech companies

Posted: 20 November 2018
By: Neota Logic

Neota Logic, creators of the leading artificial intelligence platform for legal and professional services, is pleased to announce they have been recognised by The Financial Times as one of the Top 10 legal tech companies with the greatest impact on the practice and business of law.

Neota Logic is an award-winning low code AI platform with a comprehensive toolkit that can be applied to solve many business problems by intelligently automating expertise, workflow and documents.

The Neota platform puts the business in control by allowing them to build applications to provide users with accurate, unbiased knowledge of the best lawyers and compliance experts on their best day, every day.

The FT launched this list as part of their ‘FT Intelligent Business report’which took a fresh look at how legal and professional services are converging with data and technology.

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