Neota Logic Solver

Complex applications may have thousands or millions of possible input facts and outcomes. Even simple applications will have hundreds. To validate applications entirely by manual testing is impractical.

Neota Logic Author includes "verify & validate" tools to identify logic mistakes. In addition, Neota Logic Solver enables automated testing, as well as other kinds of analysis.

Domain experts and authors use Solver to verify that an application is complete and accurate. Authors building applications run regression tests to verify that updates to an application or to Neota Logic software have not introduced errors. Administrators run performance stress tests to assure that service level agreements will be met.

Solver What If explores fact patterns incrementally and systematically. A test scenario is defined by selecting useful values for relevant facts - all possible values of all input facts, or only subsets or ranges of specific input facts. Solver What If computes all the fact patterns in the scenario, sends each pattern to the application, and then records the results in a database or a file that can be opened in Excel. Solver What If can also generate tables of common or important fact combinations, which may be convenient to users as quick reference guides to the application.

Solver Monte Carlo simulates real-world use of an application based on probability. In a test scenario, a probability distribution curve is specified for each input fact. Solver Monte Carlo then runs many sessions varying inputs in accordance with the distributions. Domain experts can examine the data from the sessions to identify recurring fact patterns, average or expected values of key conclusions and variance of key conclusion values (e.g., best case and worst case).

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