Neota Logic Technology

Neota Logic provides an integrated suite of tools with which to develop, test, maintain and deliver expert applications, which can be embedded in business systems or consulted interactively in a browser, on a computer or smartphone.

Neota Logic's technology is unique in these key respects:

  • It solves very complex problems that cannot feasibly be solved with conventional software tools, including standard programming languages and business rules systems. A Neota Logic application may include hundreds or thousands of intricately inter-related rules that are represented in clear diagrams and plain English, and can easily be verified by domain experts.
  • It combines many different reasoning methods in a single graphical authoring tool. Any or all of the reasoning methods—if/then rules, decision trees, decision tables, calculations, weighted factors, case-based reasoning and others—can be combined in a single application.
  • It automatically integrates rules and reasoning methods as well as external data queries and actions, under the control of a state-of-the-art inferencing engine, logical support mechanism and prioritization algorithm.
  • It enables people who are not trained software developers to build, maintain and deploy very complex applications, as well as not-so-complex applications. Rules are constructed in graphical editors. Relationships among the rules, including the sequence in which they are applied, are managed automatically by the Neota Logic Server. Dynamic web user interfaces are constructed automatically, and may be styled by authors and designers. Authors and domain experts can focus on the subject matter rather than programming mechanics. IT staff can focus on source databases and business systems with which Neota Logic applications are integrated.
  • It is dramatically efficient. Building applications takes days or weeks rather than months or years. Time-to-market is constrained only by the availability of the relevant rules and domain experts, not by the technology. Application maintenance—which is critical as laws, regulations and business policies change—is simple and quick.

The Neota Logic System includes:

  • Applications—a representation of facts, conclusions, data queries, rules and all other aspects of experts' reasoning on a topic.
  • Author—a visual rapid application development (RAD) tool with which business professionals build and maintain expert applications.
  • Server—the reasoning engine that runs applications to gather data and return answers.
  • Solver—a visual tool with which applications are analyzed and tested.
  • Workbench—the portal to Neota Logic applications, software and services.
  • Connector—tools for connecting applications to databases, web services and custom software.

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