Neota Logic Solutions

Neota Logic applications solve problems in law, compliance, risk management, accounting, human resources, environmental regulation, medicine and other fields of expertise. We currently serve these core communities:

  • General Counsel | Reduce corporate risks and costs, focus resources on the most critical matters, deliver guidance to business people across the company cost-effectively, and embed legal rules in operational systems.
  • Law Firms | Deliver advice in a form more useful to clients, leverage lawyers' expertise more effectively, and prosper in a world of Alternative Fee Arrangements.
  • Compliance & Risk Management | Reduce corporate risk, deliver policy guidance before problems arise, and audit business activity for compliance with laws, regulations and company policy.
  • Human Resources | Improve service to employees, reduce corporate risks, and deliver just-in-time guidance to managers on legal policy and practical questions affecting employees.


Neota Logic applications provide situation-specific, precise, detailed answers to questions like these:

What is the problem? The solution? Analysis and diagnosis
Is this permitted? Regulatory and policy compliance
What is our risk exposure? Transaction & activity audits
What do we need to do? Intelligent checklists
Do we have all the facts? Guided interviews
Have we considered all the issues? Decision support
What's the answer? Virtual advisors

Neota Logic applications can provide situation-specific, precise, detailed answers to questions on a wide range of topics. Follow this link to live demonstrations of Neota Logic expert systems and videos of others. | T: (646) 402-6225 | 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1810, NY, NY 10165| |© 2012 Neota Logic Inc.|
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