Automate More... Faster & Easier

Automate expertise, regulations, policies, procedures, common business operations, routine repetitive work, or complex processes and workflows.

Improve Your Business Results

Automate your business processes and procedures to gain efficiency, eliminate errors, and improve service. And when processes change, implement them quickly and easily.

Streamline your business operations, whether handling call center protocols, guidelines for insurance claims, procedures for cross-border data transfers, or procurement policies. Let us help you automate your business processes.

Increase Compliance & Reduce Risk

Regulations are constantly changing. With a Neota Logic app, you can instantly incorporate changes to regulations and policies ⎯ ensuring timely compliance. Incorporate apps into your regulatory processes and see how easy it is to ensure consistent methodologies are followed and provide your business with auditable results.

Extend the Reach of Experts

Put the knowledge of experts at the fingertips of many. Automating an expert’s knowledge of complex processes or rules allows expertise to be available 24/7 to many.

It’s simple…quickly build applications with our intuitive, easy-to-use tool

  • Our visual environments aid non-programmers to rapidly build applications

  • Create engaging and beautiful UIs that use your logo, out of the box layouts, or create your own styles or themes

  • Your applications can combine the power of rules/logic, workflow and document automation

  • Test, verify, validate, and document the design and operation of your applications with automated tools

  • Maintain and update your applications for rule, logic, or policy changes with quick and simple adjustments

  • Generate outputs that support your business objective


A typical Neota Logic application, when run interactively, will:

Ask questions of the user to collect facts.The interview process is intelligent and efficient, driving the selection and sequence of questions through the application’s logic, the answers given to earlier questions, and the intermediate conclusions already reached.

Collect data from other sources.Applications can collect data from user’s answers to questions as well as other sources, including databases, web services, and other Neota Logic applications.

Apply reasoning to the facts and data.As it collects facts and data, the application continuously and automatically applies all reasoning types necessary to replicate the reasoning of the domain expert.

Reach conclusions based on the reasoning.By applying reasoning to facts and data, the application reaches intermediate and final conclusions, with explanations as to why it reached those conclusions, much like a human expert would.

Execute actions based on the conclusions.When the application reaches its conclusions, it can perform a variety of actions, including:

  • Display an on-screen summary and/or send an email of results
  • Create a detailed, customized document in Word or PDF to be emailed or printed
  • Send an email to alert the right people of waiting tasks or potential compliance issues
  • Update a database or send data or documents to another application
  • Trigger a step in a workflow

Quick and Easy

  • The Neota Logic platform expands with your business needs
  • Begin with a Single-Use Application License
  • Grow into an Enterprise License
  • Contact Us

Video Training SeriesOur Fundamental Series of online videos and practice exercises allow users to quickly begin building applications. Users will start with videos that cover the basics and progress to videos that cover intermediate and advanced topics.

With 24/7 access, learning how to build an application has never been easier. Training videos and exercises are always available online, allowing users to easily refresh their knowledge when most convenient and gain hands-on experience with practice exercises.

Instructor-Led TrainingUsing a “flipped classroom” model, users study materials on their own, build applications in a progressively more challenging series of exercises, and review their work with each other and the instructor — available via web conference or on-site.

What’s being said about Neota Logic training:

“I was blown away… by a fantastic body of work”
I was blown away by the quality of your training videos. I particularly enjoyed the way you were able to breakdown the system in pieces, while maintaining a flow that made sense and constantly built upon previous lessons. Additionally, the tone was clear and consistent, but kept me thoroughly engaged. Just wanted to reach out and congratulate you on a fantastic body of work.
– Senior Technical Analyst, Global Software Company

“[E]xcellent and far better than…others”
The Neota Logic Training Center is excellent and far better than what’s offered by others in the industry.
– Chief Knowledge Officer, Global Law Firm

I have started on the training videos and they have been put together very well and are addictive.
Applied Legal Technology Manager, Global Law Firm

“Really great”
Love the instructional videos! They’re really great to follow.
Law Student, Melbourne Law School

Engage one of our consultants for assistance with application architecture, specific techniques, testing procedures, and other aspects of a successful application build.

Consultants are also available to build applications for you. You provide the subject matter expertise and our consultants can build applications to your specifications.

Our consultants apply a proven methodology that delivers rapid results and efficiently uses an SME’s time. Our consultants have built successful systems for financial services, regulatory compliance, legal risk analysis, tax, government, and many other fields.

The tools efficiently capture and represent the experts’ knowledge. Applications can be built in real time so that experts can review and revise on the spot. Experts can also review plain-language documentation that is produced automatically by the Neota Logic App Studio.

Key steps in the process will identify and define the:

  • Goals and scope of the application
  • Substantive issues to be addressed
  • Conclusions to be reached
  • Facts, questions, database queries, and other inputs
  • Rules, judgments, and other reasoning necessary to reach the conclusions
  • Documents, email alerts, database updates, and other outputs
  • Process flows in and around the application

During development, the application is available to experts for review and testing. When the application is complete and ready for use, it is placed on a server in our hosting service at a web address selected by the client (e.g.,