Overtime Exemption Advisor

Does the employee qualify for overtime pay?

Apply the tests defined by the DOL and courts to determine whether an employee is "white collar" and therefore eligible or not for overtime pay.
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Users Managers in corporations, owners of businesses
Function Determines whether the overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) apply to a particular employee
The Stakes Improperly categorizing employees as "exempt" from FLSA benefits (and therefore ineligible for overtime pay) can lead to litigation and penalties for employers. And improperly categorizing an employee as non-exempt can lead to unnecessary salary expenses.

Approximately 1,300 – Covering threshold tests and duties test for:

  • Executive, Administrative, Professional Workers
  • Computer Worker
  • Outside Salespeople
  • Highly Compensated Employees
Factual Variations More than 12 million covered
Questions Asked 8-to-32 asked per session, based on fact pattern
Time to Answer 1-5 minutes via an interview
Benefits to Users
  • Provides instant fact-specific legal advice on a difficult legal question
  • Ensures fast, efficient, and consistent decision-making process
  • Avoids litigation and penalties by injecting legal guidance when it otherwise may not be provided
  • Provides a clear audit trail of decision-making
Benefits to Lawyers
  • Leverages their expertise by applying it instantly on any fact pattern when client needs it - and imbeds their expertise into daily operations of client
  • Generates revenue per-use
  • Solidifies the client relationship and generates related traditional business
Benefits to Regulators
  • Ensures that through legal analysis is applied for each employee
  • Provides vivid audit trail of legal decision-making
Commentary The rules on white-collar exemptions to the FLSA can be tricky. Jobs that you may assume are exempt could fall short of the requirements -- and job titles alone are not sufficient for making the determination. The consequences of misclassification can be costly if you find that overtime pay is owed to workers you incorrectly considered exempt. Plus, the FLSA permits a doubling of the amount owed if liquidated damages are awarded. This system makes the evaluation for overtime eligibility quick, accurate, and consistent.
Test Drive First, click-through the system accepting the default answers and view the report. Then click Start Over to try a different set of facts.

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