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Neota Logic Welcomes CEO Betsy Braham


Neota Logic Inc., creators of the leading expert system software for legal process applications, today announced that Betsy Braham has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer.

Braham most recently served as Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Epiq Systems, Inc., a global provider of electronic discovery and other legal solutions. At Epiq, Braham was a principal leader at the company which grew fifteen-fold to $439 million during her twelve-year tenure.

Read the full press release here:  Neota Logic Welcomes CEO Betsy Braham


Neota Logic Anchors SeyfarthLean Disclosure Dragon


Neota Logic Inc., creators of the leading platform for rules-based legal process applications, today announced their collaboration with SeyfarthLean Consulting LLC, a subsidiary of law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP, in development of the recently launched Disclosure Dragon software for the crowdfunding industry.

Disclosure Dragon is an advanced document assembly tool that assists companies and crowdfunding portals with the legal and financial disclosure required for offerings under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012.

Read the full press release here: Neota Logic Anchors SeyfarthLean Consulting Disclosure Dragon


Neota Logic featured in "3 Geeks and a Law Blog"


Neota Logic's Six Steam Engines of Modern Legal Services


Neota Logic Server Selected By Plexus


Neota Logic Inc., creators of the leading software development platform for rules-based legal process applications, Neota Logic Server, today announced that Plexus, the fastest growing alternative legal services firm in Australia, has selected Neota Logic Server to rapidly scale and expand the Plexus’ business model. 

“An enormous amount of legal tasks imply a cost on business that is disproportional to the risk they mitigate,” says Andrew Mellett, Director at Plexus. “These are the tasks that businesses hate paying for and lawyers hate doing. We strongly believe this is a problem worth solving. Our experience to date suggests Neota Logic has ‘cracked the code’ in applying artificial intelligence to the law.”

Read the full press release here:  Neota Logic Server Selected By Plexus


Apps & Apps

Tuesday, February 4th at 4pm

Going to Legal Tech 2014?  Come see our legal process apps in action at Apps & Apps.  We'll have drinks, snacks, and apps built before your very eyes.  As if this wasn't enough, you will also have the chance to win an iPad mini with Retina display.  Join us!

Warwick Hotel at 54th & 6th (right across the street from Legal Tech)

Suite #1007

February 4th at 4pm


Neota Logic Collaborates with Georgetown Law for Iron Tech Lawyer 


Students in Georgetown Law’s Technology Innovation and Law Practice course are creating Neota Logic applications rather than writing seminar papers or moot court briefs.

This semester’s course, taught by Professors Tanina Rostain and Victoria Nourse, focused on federal administrative agencies—the practical realities of agency work, not the doctrinal issues of administrative law.

Teams of students paired up with agencies or organizations, first, to identify significant challenges in the agency’s realm—for example, homeowners’ uncertainty about their rights in foreclosure, veterans’ risks to their benefits, agency officers’ inconsistency in decision-making—and, second, to design and build online applications addressing those challenges.

On December 4th, the teams presented their applications to a panel of judges drawn from corporate legal departments, law firms, academia and government. Giving a tech twist to moot court tradition, the teams compete for the Iron Tech Lawyer Award. The competition was streamed live, and can be watched here.

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Neota Logic Server Selected By Seyfarth Shaw


Neota Logic Inc., creators of the expert systems software Neota Logic Server, announced that Seyfarth Shaw LLP, one of the country’s most innovative law firms, has selected Neota Logic Server as a key component of the firm’s technology toolkit for more effective and efficient service to clients.

Read the full press release here:  NLS selected by Seyfarth


Neota Logic Announces Release of Neota Logic Server 7.0


Among many enhancements, Version 7.0 of the Neota Logic Server (NLS) dramatically improves learning and productivity for authors of applications, adds a document engine for Word and PDF outputs, and adds comprehensive regression testing tools.

Read the full Neota Logic press release here: NLS 7.0


Neota Logic Powers Start Small Think Big's New Online Application for Assistance


“This application has literally revolutionized the process we use for screening new clients. What used to take an hour or more for each prospective client can now be done with the simple click of a button,” said Jennifer DaSilva, Founder and Executive Director of Start Small Think Big. “Especially for a team as lean as ours, efficiencies like this are all the more critical.”

Read the full Neota Logic press release here:  Neota Logic & SSTB


ABA Journal features Neota Logic

"At Iron Tech, students bring tech answers to legal issues"


Neota Logic is true disruptive technology

"Fasten Your Seatbelts," George Beaton's latest article, for the Law Institute of Victoria (Australia), cites Jordan Furlong's analysis of disruption in the legal industry, which names Neota Logic a true disruptive technology.


Neota Logic parters with Littler Mendelson

The online Healthcare Reform Advisor tool will help determine whether and to what extent companies are at risk of having to pay a penalty under the Affordable Care Act’s “pay or play” mandate.

Link to the full Littler press release is here.

Link to the full Neota Logic press release is here.

ILTA KM post highlights Neota Logic

5/8/13, by Scott Rechtschaffen, Chief Knowledge Officer, Littler Mendelson

Iron Tech Lawyer Competition - Budding Legal Engineers Innovate To Improve Legal Services


Neota Logic Featured in Law Technology News 


Neota Logic Automates Legal Questions and Answers


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Back To School – Georgetown Iron Tech Lawyer — Administrative Agency Edition


Trends in Legal Innovation


Kingsley Martin "seeks to create a framework to organize legal technology trends."  Martin lists Neota Logic as a key innovator in automated practice.

Here is a link to the full article.


Neota Logic Collaborates with Georgetown Law on 2013 Iron Tech Lawyer Competition


The second Iron Tech Lawyer contest took place at Georgetown Law CenterTanina Rostain (@TaninaRostain) and Roger Skalbeck (@weblawlib) are building on their great success with their practicum course in application development last year.

This semester they took a big step further by partnering with legal service providers and public interest organizations that have identified particular useful applications for the students to build in collaboration with mentors from each sponsoring organization.

The student teams used Neota Logic’s expert system to design the applications they presented. Neota Logic provided them with software and all our ‘expertise on-ramping’ materials.

Press & Blog Coverage of the 2013 Iron Tech Lawyer Competition:


Neota Logic Server 6.0 Released

The Most Modern business rules and decision management software on the market

New York, NY – April 2, 2013 – Neota Logic Inc. today announced the release of Neota Logic Server 6.0, the latest version of its unique platform for policy automation and operational decision management.

Among many enhancements, Version 6.0 of the Neota Logic Server (NLS) boasts a 10x average increase in application execution speed, fully supports development on Mac OSX as well as Windows, and is entirely cloud-based.

In addition, the core reasoning engine of NLS has been fully rewritten in Scala, a powerful, modern, programming language.

“NLS can now deliver its unique capabilities for very complex rulesets in very high-volume contexts such as auditing financial transactions and advising e-commerce customers,” said Michael Mills, Neota Logic’s Chief Executive Officer.  “We have focused on three themes: Scale, Simplicity and Truth,” Mills added.  “NLS can easily be used anywhere by anyone.”

 Additional enhancements include, among many others:

  • Outputs in Word and PDF formats, including PDF forms
  • Output as charts and graphs
  • Redesigned rich-text editor with full CSS 3 and HTML5 support
  • New live debugger
  • Embedded database support 

For a full list of enhancements and the rationale behind the updates in Version 6.0, please read our blog post: Scale, Simplicity and Truth: NLS 6.0

The Neota Logic System combines individually powerful reasoning methods—decision trees, decision tables, if/then rules, calculations, weighted factors, spreadsheets, case-based reasoning and others—into a single expert engine that can manage problems of great subtlety and complexity.


Blog Launch!  Expert Thinking

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Neota Logic has joined Twitter

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Neota Logic mentioned in "On Contracts," Notes on the foremost tool that businesses use to work together. 

January, 13 ,2013

As expert computer porgrams take over associate legal work, how will the senior lawyers of tomorrow learn the ropes today?


Serving Justice With Conversational Law:  Expert Systems Are Here


Neota Logic CEO in the Fastcase 50

New York, NY - August 2 ,2012 - Neota Logic Inc. CEO Michael Mills was selected as one of the 2012 Fastcase 50, which honors “the fifty most interesting, provocative, and courageous leaders in the world of law, scholarship, and legal technology.”

Fastcase, an innovator in online legal research, sought nominations across the profession and selected “the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders.” A list of all the honorees is here.

Mr. Mills was cited for “helping to reinvent lawyering with Neota Logic,” for “having practically invented the modern role of Chief Knowledge Officer,” for his work with Pro Bono Net helping to bridge the access to justice gap, and for Neota Logic’s collaboration with Georgetown Law School.

Click here for the complete press release.


ProBono Net, Technology Interview

Q&A with Michael Mills: Legal Technology Pioneer


Neota Logic Collaborates with Georgetown Law School

Georgetown University Law School students in Professor Tanina Rostain’s spring 2012 seminar “Technology, Innovation, and Law Practice” did not write papers or argue in moot court this semester. Instead, they created software applications to deliver online answers to real-world legal questions.

Neota Logic provided its unique expert systems tools, the Neota Logic System, to the Law School. In addition, Neota Logic’s Director of Customer Support & Training, Kevin Mulcahy, worked with Professor Rostain’s students as they learned about this innovative approach to legal services and legal education, and created their own legal expert systems.

Press & Blog Coverage of the 2012 Iron Tech Lawyer Competition


Neota Logic System 5.2 Released

New York, NY – February 15, 2012 –Neota Logic Inc. today announced the release of Neota Logic System 5.2, the latest version of its unique platform for delivering the knowledge of experts in an operationally useful form—as interactive browser applications or embedded in business systems.

Among many enhancements, Version 5.2 includes a new Decision Table reasoning tool. This new method of representing logic is an Excel-like grid that is particuarly efficient for very rapid construction of sets of related rules, such as rules for evaluating medical test results. Subject matter experts can create or update rules offline in a tool they are already familiar with, Microsoft Excel, from which the new or updated rules are imported automatically into the Neota Logic System.

Version 5.2 also includes a new user interface design mechanism, based on the latest html and css standards, which enables authors to collaborate more easily with graphic designers to create custom interfaces for Neota Logic applications.

The Neota Logic System combines individually powerful reasoning methods—decision trees, decision tables, if/then rules, calculations, weighted factors, spreadsheets, case-based reasoning and others—into a single expert engine that can manage problems of great subtlety and complexity.

"Our focus in this release has been on speed in development," said Michael Mills, Chief Executive Officer. "Version 5.2 makes it even easier to build complex expert applications, and to update them quickly as rules change." | T: (646) 402-6225 | 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1810, NY, NY 10165| |© 2012 Neota Logic Inc.|