Solutions for General Counsel

general counsel business context

General counsel work in a business context that has never been more challenging.

Law Departments have not been immune to the intense cost-cutting that all companies have undertaken in recent years. Regulatory requirements are greater and more pervasive than ever, and not just for financial services companies. Doing business across the globe is routine. And as successful businesses grow, they become more complex.

By introducing Neota Logic applications in their companies, legal departments and general counsel will:

  • Reduce legal costs and risks—Neota Logic applications provide accurate, consistent and swift legal guidance to business people before problems arise, at a time when mistakes are easier to prevent and corrective actions can be taken economically.
  • Deploy legal and policy advice across the company cost-effectively—Many elements of a large company do not benefit from, or even seek, legal advice because obtaining advice is costly and time-consuming. Neota Logic applications meet this latent demand for legal advice by delivering interactive applications on the company intranet that can be consulted by managers and other business people to get situation-specific guidance around the clock and across the globe.
  • Get advice from outside counsel in an operationally useful form—Despite a century of advances in technology from the typewriter to the word processor to e-mail and the smartphone, the fundamental methods of delivering legal advice have not changed: conversation between lawyer and client and memoranda. Neota Logic applications bring delivery forward into the 21st century. Memos state the law, but they do not answer questions. Rather than receive memos from outside counsel, or on big topics a shelf of three-ring binders filled with memos, general counsel can now ask their outside counsel to build expert applications that deliver advice in a useful, practical form.
  • Improve services to internal clients—Neota Logic applications tailored to the legal problems of individual business units can extend the general counsel's business and geographic reach cost-effectively. When the problem is not routine, a Neota Logic application can nonetheless help by intelligently interviewing the business person to gather relevant information, organize the information in a report, and e-mail the inquiry and supporting information to counsel for review and action.
  • Leverage in-house lawyers’ expertise more effectively, without adding staff—Neota Logic applications can document and deliver the best thinking of the company's best experts, anywhere, anytime.
  • Avoid boredom and burnout answering routine questions—Devoting scarce and expensive talent to routine questions is not only inefficient; it is also counterproductive. Neota Logic applications will take on the burden of routine work, and enable in-house lawyers to focus on problems that are both business-critical and professionally challenging. For example: the newly appointed senior tax counsel of a major industrial company asked his colleagues to record for a month the questions they were being asked by business units, and found that more than half of their time was devoted to answering minor variants of routine questions, which could have been answered reliably by an expert application.

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