Family & Medical Leave Advisor

Is the employee entitled to job-protected family or medical leave? And if so, what do we need to do?

Evaluate the employee's request for leave based on FMLA and state laws to provide consistent leave decisions that protect employees and employers
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Users Managers in corporations, owners of businesses
Function Determines whether employee's request for leave must be granted under FMLA and relevant state laws - and if so, specifies rights and responsibilities of employee and employer during leave period
The Stakes If an employer improperly denies a legitimate request for leave, the employer is subject to litigation and fines, as well as poor labor relations. And if an employer grants leave requests too liberally, the employer will have undue costs in holding the employee's position during the leave period.

Covering all common requests reasons for leave:

  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, Adoption, Foster Care
  • Health of Self or Family Member
  • Military Caregiving
  • Military Family Exigency
Factual Variations More than 15 million covered
Questions Asked 16-to-25 asked per session, based on fact pattern
Time to Answer 2-6 minutes via an interview
Benefit to Managers
  • Provides instant fact-specific legal advice on a difficult question that often requires subjective balancing of many factors
  • Ensures fast, efficient, and consistent decision-making process
  • Avoids bad decisions by using legal guidance when it otherwise may not be available
  • Provides a clear audit trail of decision-making
Benefits to Lawyers Who Built and Maintain System
  • Leverages their expertise by applying it instantly on any fact pattern when client needs it - and imbeds their expertise into daily operations of client
  • Generates revenue per-use
  • Solidifies the client relationship and generates related traditional business
Benefits to Regulators
  • Ensures that thorough legal analysis is applied for each leave decision
  • Provides audit trail of legal decision-making
Commentary Issues associated with employee leave may be the most troublesome faced by employers. With overlapping and sometimes conflicting federal and state laws, every employee request for time off can involve legal exposure. This system addresses this problem.
Test Drive First, click-through the system accepting the default answers and view the report. Then click Start Over to try a different set of facts.

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