EU Collateral Directive Advisor

Does the EU collateral directive apply to this transaction?

Analyze laws covering 21 countries to immediately determine the reserve-capital requirements for the proposed cross-border finance deal
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Users Lawyers and operations staff at large banks
Function Determines whether banks will have legal rights to collateral in a transaction, and therefore the amount of reserve capital required
The Stakes Reducing regulatory capital required to cover collateralized positions has immediate bottom-line benefit

Approximately 1,200 - Covering:

  • 21 jurisdictions
  • 93 types of financial obligations
  • 10 forms of agreement
  • 4 types of collateral
  • 11 types of counterparties
  • 16 types of financial institutions
Factual variations More than 13 million covered
Questions Asked 8-to-12 asked per session, based on fact pattern
Time to Answer
  • Under one minute when run via an interview
  • Under one second when run via database inputs
Benefits to Bankers
  • Saves bankers millions of dollars daily. Here's how: System provides instant legal advice that would otherwise be impossible to get in time to close the proposed transaction. By having the instant legal opinion collateral enforceability, the bankers avoid having to put capital in reserve, which provides a great cost savings.
  • Provides clear audit trail on business and legal decisions
Benefits to Lawyers
  • Leverages their expertise by applying it instantly on any fact pattern when client needs it. Also imbeds their expertise into daily operations of client
  • Generates revenue per-use
  • Solidifies the client relationship and generates related traditional business from bank
Benefits to Regulators
  • Ensures that through legal analysis is applied for each transaction
  • Provides vivid audit trail of compliance
Commentary:  This system is part of a suite of applications that evaluate the enforceability of collateral and netting arrangements in cross-border financial transactions. It helps banks structure transactions and spot legal risks daily across thousands of positions. The suite of apps addresses a very complex problem with more than 12,000 rules in total. This legal analysis would be impossible to do by traditional means.
Test Drive First, click-through accepting the default answers and view the report. Then click Start Over to try a different set of facts. Or, click Change Answers to change one of the default answers (for example, change What type of entity is the Counterparty? to Corporate), then see the different results.

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