Examples: Neota Logic In Action

Neota Logic applications deliver business value in many ways. These are the most common:

  • Answers - Is this permitted? What should we do? What are the rules? What must we do to comply? What is the best alternative?
  • Audits - What are the risks in this portfolio of activities, transactions or events?
  • Productivity & Quality -More decisions/actions per hour in more complex contexts; guidance from best experts built into the initial decision/analysis.

Example Neota Logic Expert Systems

EU Collateral Directive Advisor - Part of a suite of eleven integrated applications that evaluate the enforceability of collateral and netting arrangements in cross-border financial transactions. This application is used both to deliver answers (helping banks to structure transactions) and to audit transaction portfolios (spotting legal risks daily across thousands of positions). A very complex problem with more than 12,000 rules in total – 1,200 in this Collateral Directive application alone. Simple on the surface, intricate inside. The question style and output are succinct because the audience is lawyers and bankers very knowledgeable about the topic.
Details  |  Demo Application

Family & Medical Leave Advisor - Provides answers to employers about employee requests for leave under the federal Family & Medical Leave Act and similar state laws, an issue that "may be the most troublesome currently faced by employers." (The National Employer 2010) This Advisor is somewhat conversational in style and delivers detailed guidance with supporting text because the audience is line supervisors in a company, who do not deal with these issues every day.
Details  |  Demo Application


Overtime Exemption Advisor - Determines whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt from the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Improperly categorizing employees as exempt can lead to litigation and penalties. Improperly categorizing an employee as non-exempt can lead to unnecessary salary expense.
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